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Welcome to STUDY K Hotel!

Most important information to remember

We would like to welcome you to STUDY K Hotel. We hope that you will enjoy your stay. Since there is a lot of paperwork to do, we would like to remind you of the most import things to remember.
  • Please, read the document package, which you have received upon arrival at the Reception
  • Please, make an appointment at the Reception for the room inventory check. You have to do the check thoroughly with our staff within 3 working days after arrival.
  • Concerning the contract
  • Within 3 days come to the office to sign the contract and sort out your payment
  • Within 8 days you have to registrate yourself at the Emigration Office
  • When you come to sign the contract, please, bring your passport to our office
  • When two students share an apartment the price for all the rooms need to be paid even when only one student remains in the apartment or the service agreement needs to be modified or the tenant has agree with taking out one bed and bedsheets
  • Before using the telephone, please, check the phone charges at the reception
  • The correct address of the Hotel of Study K is: STUDY K Hotel,4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 98  Hungary
  • We have a laundry room in the basement, that  24/7 open. You can buy washing coins at the reception, that is cost 600 Huf/each.
If you have any question, the Reception (also can available on phone digit 500 )  will always help You!
We wish you a pleasant stay in our Hotel!
The Office staff
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